Vampire Slayer: New Blood is a brand new generation of Vampires & Slayers for the Unreal Engine. The game will take place in present day time. The character concept (still in progress) will be modeled after everyday people. By everyday people, It’s people that you see on a daily basis on the streets. For instance a man in a suit and tie holding a brief case, police in uniform or just someone who is serving you your coffee. You just won’t really know, so keep your wits about you!

So far so good…the developer has already worked out most of the basic mechanics of the game. You can walk, sprint, and even quick vampire sprints throughout the map! A special vampire power feature will be added to every vampire. Every character will have special unique abilities, currently Sketchy Realms has come up with a cloaking ability for Eric. The cloaking mechanics are still in progress with timing and other feature concepts being thought out.

Vampires and Slayers will use special abilities when they are in confrontation with another opponent.

The Glide feature is very simple, when vampires are jumping they catch a little few seconds of air very gracefully before zipping back down onto the ground before leaping into their opponent.

This game will start off as a multiplayer first person shooter as a starting platform. There will be no single-player for the time being.

-Vampire Hunters! Ready up your stake and hammers. Load up your guns because this is going to be a BLOOD BATH of action!

-Vampires…come out from the shadows and, unveil your fangs.

-Get ready to sink your teeth into this latest creation.

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