Meet the Trio

Meet the trio.

Vampire Slayer: New Blood would like to show case the latest three new characters. Vampires Eric and Malisa and, Vampire slayer Molly.
The multiplayer functionalities are still undergoing progress. However most of the player movements and abilities are almost done.

There’s a lot more stuff we’d like to showcase there are a lot of new updates implemented into the game. We’re very excited and pleased to present to you what we have added in the next update.
We’ll be giving you these simple sneak peaks along with lots of footage of what has been added.

Sketchy Realms is very active and always looking for more people to be involved in the team. If you wish to keep up on the latest and greatest feel free to follow us. With a surprise special gift from the community to you, our readers we’d like to unveil that a 4th character will be added soon.

All new stuff coming soon, stay tuned VS FAM.

trio 1

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